Junior Programs Juniors are the future of the game. Everyone who takes up the game as an adult says, “I wish I learned when I was younger.” Often, this is because they have been playing for a while, developing swing flaws which are hard to change, as all habits are. Learning is always easier when our mind and body have no preconceived notions. Juniors generally have little or no golf experience so their expectations are more realistic than adults. When juniors hit a poor shot they are eager to try again and exhibit very little frustration. These traits, along with looking at new challenges as fun, and a great ability to mimic, give juniors an opportunity to learn and advance faster than adults.

Pete has an exceptional ability to connect with juniors, making lessons fun as well as productive.

Programs are designed to provide juniors with the opportunity to learn, love, and grow with the game. Using challenges, games, and rewards, Pete’s teaching style engages juniors with an emphasis on encouragement, communication, and a positive competitive attitude.

Juniors Programs (under 18)
Half Hour Private Lesson $40
One Hour Private Lesson $65
4 Half Hour Private Lessons $125
5 One Hour Private Lessons $275
10 One Hour Private Lessons $500

Junior Half Day Improvement Program
4 Hours at the Academy covering all aspects of the game $225

On-Course Playing Lessons*
2 Hours - 9 Holes $250 per junior
4 Hours - 18 Holes $450 per junior
Green fee and cart included

*If you have any questions or would like to Book a Playing Lesson, please contact Pete.

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