Philosophy Pete teaches individuals based on their goals and physical capabilities. His approach to teaching the dynamics of the swing, short game, and putting is simple: not all great players grip, swing, or even think about the club the same way. Rather, there are margins which are defined by the swings of the best players in the world. No individual needs to swing like another to produce solid and straight shots. Each individual simply needs to find a swing they can comfortably reproduce that stays within these proven margins. The margins are defined for every part of the game from the mental approach to practice routines, pre-shot routines, posture, alignment, grip, swing plane, arm positioning, tempo, clubface positioning, and many more. Pete’s goal is to provide his students with a better understanding these margins and the specific changes which need to be made so significant improvement will be attained and goals reached.

Ball flight rules! The mission for every golfer is to be more consistent. Consistent ball flight allows golfers to effectively manage their game and is the hallmark of a good golf swing. The best golf swing is one which repeats, produces solid contact, and minimal curvature to the ball’s flight. Some great players play a fade, others a draw. Some play shots with a higher trajectory and some play shots with a lower trajectory. None of these players are right and none of them are wrong and one is not necessarily better than the other. The keys are; almost all great players have their own comfortable swing, which is within proven margins, repeats and is therefore highly predictable.

Repetition is fundamental for learning! Providing individuals with visuals, drills, and organization, prepares them to practice and play more effectively.

Pete looks at every interaction with his students as an opportunity to help them improve with how they think about their swing, game, and ultimately life. Many of the greatest players in the world have said; once you have the solid fundamentals of the game, it’s all mental. Infusing his students with positive images, rewards, and understanding, Pete teaches how to eliminate tension and anxiety, how to relax, and learn new skills both physically and mentally while in a lesson, practicing, or playing.

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