Playing Lessons The longest walk in golf is from the practice range to the 1st tee. Most golfers swing better on the range or in a lesson than they do on the course. There are absolute reasons this happens consistently. A playing lesson is a great opportunity for Pete to observe all parts of your game and help you better understand your roadmap to improvement.

Are your thoughts organized?

Are you consistent with your pre-shot routine?

Does poor course management cost you strokes?

Does your swing breakdown?

Do you choose appropriate clubs and shots based on your ability?

What shots should you not attempt?

What are the key factors to lowering your scores?

After observing you play 9 or 18 holes at Center Square Golf Club, Pete will help you improve and lower your scores through a clear understanding of the mental and physical challenges you face in your game.

On-Course Playing Lessons*
2 Hours - 9 Holes $250 per person
4 Hours - 18 Holes $450 per person
Green fee and cart included

*If you have any questions or would like to Book a Playing Lesson, please contact Pete.

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