“One of the things I like most about Pete is that he focuses on me. He adapts his teaching style to my particular strengths and abilities and creates a program that works for me. He always gives me great tips I can take from my lesson to the golf course.”
– Ted Z.
“It is rare to find a truly inspirational teacher. I have been particularly impressed by Pete’s abilities with young players. While helping them improve their technique to become the best golfers they can be, Pete also has a personal approach that demonstrates his caring about the kid inside the golfer.”
– Nanine V.
“I cannot recommend Pete more strongly; his teaching is properly grounded in the fundamentals and backed up by an excellent eye for necessary corrections.”
– Harry V.
“I have had many lessons from many professionals. Pete showed me specific positions and drills I have never been shown before. After playing this game for 22 years with a handicap ranging from 20 to 15, Pete’s lessons have helped me reach an all-time low handicap of 9! I even shot my lowest round, 74 at my home course. I strongly recommend taking lessons with Pete to lower your scores.”
– Roger B.
“Pete has taught me how to focus my game. He reminds me that I really need to visualize my shots before I take them…and it works!”
– Jeff D.
“My son loves taking lessons from Pete. He loves that Pete always makes the lessons fun and I love that Pete not only teaches my son the game of golf, but also little life lessons about patience and being a good sport.”
– Wendy M.
“When I turned 61 years old, I decided that I wanted to learn how to play golf. I found Pete and started taking lessons with him. He didn’t think that I was too old to learn. He has been very patient with me and adjusts different things for me so that I can be comfortable when I play.”
– Ronnie L.
“Thank you Pete! In less than one season, you helped me drop my handicap from 25 to 12. I tell everyone about you and recommend you to anyone interested in taking their game to the next level. You are the best!”
– David T.
“I had 3 lessons with Pete and my handicap went from 21 to 15. It took a little practice but I knew what to do thanks to Pete’s wonderful communication skills.”
– Jim B. - Professor
“Pete cured my slice in the first 5 minutes of my first lesson. It was amazing! Since then I have continued to learn more about the game than I ever knew there was to know. I have my instructor for life!”
– Bill S. - Contractor
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